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Chicago Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

Illinois Collaborative Divorce Process

The attorneys at Anderson & Associates, P.C. consider collaborative divorce an essential tool in family law. Collaborative law allows Chicago couples to obtain a divorce without having to go through the arduous process of litigation. Collaborative divorce results in an agreement that both parties find satisfactory. The attorneys then present the written agreement to a family law judge, who makes it part of the divorce decree. The collaborative divorce process works, exists in nearly every state and can address virtually every main issue related to divorce, including division of personal and real property, allocation of debt, child custody and visitation, and even the ability of one of the parents to relocate.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorces

The collaborative process allows parties to obtain a divorce much more quickly than going to trial, and it can avoid much of the costs associated with litigation. One reason why collaborative law divorces are appealing is the role the attorneys play. Unlike a traditional divorce trial, in a collaborative divorce, clients retain their attorneys only to represent them with the negotiation. If the parties are unable to reach agreement, the attorneys must withdraw and the parties have to obtain new legal representation to litigate the issues.

Collaborative divorces are not for everyone. The process is non-adversarial and it will break down if the parties deviate from this principle. For the collaborative process to work, the parties have to be truly committed to the collaborative process, which includes working together, being forthcoming with necessary disclosures, and having by their side a family law attorney experienced in collaborative divorces.

The Value of a Good Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Hiring an experienced collaborative divorce attorney is particularly important. Unlike mediation, there is no neutral mediator in collaborative divorces, and the parties must rely on their attorneys to formulate a strong negotiating strategy that achieves the best outcome for the client without antagonizing the other party. This is not an easy task. divorce is a difficult process and it can take a toll even when the parties agree that the divorce is inevitable. Experienced family law attorneys understand this challenge and plan the negotiations to minimize the impact of the divorce on the parties.

The attorneys at Anderson and Associates, P.C., specifically collaborative law attorney Rebecca L. Zeilenga, are seasoned and trained in the art of collaborative divorce. We pride ourselves in counseling our clients through the process and setting appropriate expectations while achieving the best results. We understand that collaborative divorces are an important dispute resolution tool that can truly benefit our clients.

If you have questions about the collaborative divorce process, contact one of our experienced family law attorneys. From our Chicago office as well as three other regional offices, we serve clients in Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Will County, and Lake County.