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Chicago DCFS Adoption Attorney

Lawyer for Adoption Matters in Cook County

Expanding your family through adoption can be a fulfilling goal. Families may feel a sense of obligation to provide a child in need of a caring home filled with love through adoption. Each year, the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) places thousands of children in foster families for a number of reasons. Foster families provide a caring, stable home life for children while DCFS works towards reuniting the children with their birth parents.

However, reuniting children with their birth parents is not always feasible, and so a legal adoption to a loving home may be an option foster families can pursue. If DCFS has approved care for a child in your home and you wish to move forward with the adoption process of that child, you will require help from a DCFS-approved attorney.

When foster parents wish to pursue the adoption process following care for a child placed with them through DCFS, our attorneys can help them establish the legal relationship which sanctions the emotional bond they have formed with the child.

Cook County DCFS Adoption Attorney

Although a foster family may have established a solid relationship, filled with security and love, to a child, the adoption process following foster care can be time-consuming and complex. Despite these obstacles, our attorneys can provide the necessary legal guidance to work your adoption case through the family court system and meet your goal of completing the adoption process.

A DCFS-approved attorney is a qualified legal professional who understands the relationship your family has formed with the child. Unlike traditional adoption, DCFS covers the adoption fees involved in a DCFS adoption, which gives families peace of mind when pursuing adoption in this manner.

The attorneys at Anderson & Associates, P.C. understand the adoption process can be complex and work to ensure your satisfaction in pursuing your goals. We provide dedicated client services and bring our hardworking and knowledgeable attorneys to work for your when you are looking to adopt following foster care placement by DCFS.

Contact our Chicago office at 312-345-999 to schedule a free consultation. We are experienced in handling DCFS adoptions and are dedicated to serving your family.