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Chicago Mediation Lawyers

Illinois Mediation Services in Cook and DuPage Counties

When parties to a divorce or custody dispute run into difficulties in communicating and negotiating their differences, they will often benefit from the services of a certified mediator. A mediator is an independent, neutral third-party who can facilitate a dialogue regarding disputed child-related issues, such as residential custody, joint parenting versus sole custody, and visitation schedules.

In certain cases, the parties may also agree to use a mediator in an effort to resolve financial issues arising between the parties, such as distribution of assets, allocation of debts, and support obligation.

The mediation process is confidential, and matters discussed during mediation are not admissible in court. This allows for a more open and fruitful discussion of the issues without fear that something said or brought out in a mediation session will be heard by the judge or somehow come back to harm them or be used against them in a legal proceeding.

Chicago Mediation Less Costly Than Litigation

In many cases, mediation is a valuable and cost-effective way to narrow and resolve issues that may otherwise take months or even years, as well as thousands of dollars in expenses, to resolve through litigation.

Anderson & Associates, P.C. is committed to using mediation as method of alternative dispute resolution. Attorneys Christopher J. Maurer and Dennise L. McCann are certified mediators for divorce and parentage matters, covering all aspects of divorce and domestic relations, including child custody, visitation, establishment of parenting guidelines, and financial issues.

Certified Chicago Mediators

In addition to being certified mediators, both Ms. McCann and Mr. Maurer are experienced divorce and family law attorneys who understand the emotionally-charged issues that can arise in custody and divorce cases. Their goal as mediators is to facilitate negotiations so the parties may arrive at agreed upon solutions that are in the best interest of their children and their family and that avoid the uncertainty, stress and costs that arise from lengthy court proceedings.

If you’d like more information concerning the mediation services offered by Anderson & Associates, P.C., contact our office at (630) 653-9400.